The QA Testing Channel

Software Testing Certifications

Educational certifications for Software Testers or someone who is willing to initiate in this discipline. We teach our students about the roles in Software Testing and necesary skills to conduct the tasks in real Software Testing Projects. All Certifications at this moment are in Spanis, in July 2018 we will releasing our first Certification in English.

Software Testing Courses

Our Experienced Consultants will teach the student best practices used for different courses related to Software Testing. All trainnings are based on Experience in order the student can face the real life issues and know how to solve them.

All Training courses are in English and Spanish.

Software Testing Conferences

Join and be part of all Conferences offered around the World!. The QA testing Channel Faculty is offering Conferences to all students from different universities in order they can understand about Software Testing and the Career paths that this discipline offers around the world.

Our Team is an independent International Organization of Specialized Consultants in the discipline of Software Testing.

Board Certification Team (BCT)

Specialized Team located in Mexico, U.S.A, India, Spain, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina among others.


Sharing our experience & Knowledge, by offering effective IT training and certifications for you and your employees.


Be one of the International Software Certifications Leaders.